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Latest Event : Session on IPR / PATENT

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About The Event

Session on IPR / PATENT by Prof. Sanjay Gaikwad from 2:15 PM (tentative). Attendance will be duly managed.




October 9th, 2019 (Tentative)

Our Initiatives

Fostering Entrepreneurship omnidirectionally.

Speaker 3

AIT E-Summit

Prominent Speakers from Startups and Visionaries will be polled in to enlighten us with their wise wisdom.

Speaker 1


AIT Student mentoring/Nurturing(ASMN),Budding AITians Entrepreneurs will be provided initaial phase of Idea Nurturing and mentoring to get them started.

Speaker 2


Startup Service Platform offers Related Equipments, Space and Manpower with collaboration of external agencies.

Speaker 4


Cofounder and Project Parterns aims to get your right parter in the journey to fraternity.Plateform will exclusively work with mathing with right Guy.

Speaker 5

AIT B-Plan

This initiative aims to get the problems outsourced to the future problem solver in the form of Project, Internship and Royalties.

Speaker 6


This initiative aims to get the problems outsourced to the future problem solver in the form of Project, Internship and Royalties.

Our Illustrous Alumini Entrepreneurs

AIT Pune has produced many entrepreneurs, currently Industry Leaders in their experties. Entrepreneuts is in blood of AITians

Entrepreneurial Journey of AIT

Despite being a technical institute, the alumnus of the institute are not limited to getting hired and bagging placements, rather a large group Of our alumni is creating jobs and opportunities in various technical fields through their innovation and competitive products in the market. Most common starts ups being udchalo Dimentrix Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune for more reference visit AIT ALUMINI PAGE



  • You can drop at mail at

  • Entrepreneurship Cell(E-cells) is set up to foster entrepreneurship among the students. It is like a club, run by students and driven by the management of the institutes.

  • Entrepreneurship Cell invites business ideas from students through its various Business Plan Competitions, and the Innovation Platform. Most of these plans, however, are received in a very crude form and need a lot of expert guidance and support before they can face the competitiveness of the business world. For this, we look up to the alumni, who have years of experience as students of the institute and hence, can act as the best mentors.

  • Mentoring: The Business ideas we receive as entries need to be mentored and improved upon, before they can be established as profitable companies. You can act on the advisory board of the company and help with problems pertaining to your area of expertise.


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